A film by Karsten Liske
Germany / Portugal 2007

Sound composition Edgardo Rudnitzky
Cast  Claudia de Serpa Soares / Davide Camplani / Clémentine Deluy / Koen De Preter / Matija Ferlin / Carlos de Serpa Soares /  Maria Helena Gomes Lourenco / Carlos Alberto Gaspar dos Santos / Anita Stanz
D.O.P Hans Rombach bvk
Light Martin Hauk, Andreas Harder
Costume Beate Borrmann
Make up Gitta Ferlini
Décor Thomas Schenk
Sound Petja Gohr
Cutter Florian Malte Fimpel, Marta Martin
Assistant Camera Florian Malte Fimpel
Assistant Production (Lisbon) Pedro Sousa
Assistant Production (Lisbon) Rita Campos
Colour correction Markus Weniger
Extras (Death watch) Rita Campos / Cristina Vasconcelos / Pedro João Pereira / Emilia Lourenço Louro / Pedro Sousa / Alice Pereira / Diana Pereira / Rita Pereira
Special Guest Jeff Wood
Horse trainer Anna Raschke
The horse Rejon
Photographer (Berlin) Thorsten Seidel
Accounting Tax-it GmbH
Post production Seven Years Film
Catering (Berlin) catwiesel
Format High Definition
Length 46 min

A production of Karsten Liske in collaboration with sasha waltz & guests and Seven Years Film. With kind support of medienboard Berlin Brandenburg

The film was realised in Lisbon and Berlin 2006 Premier at radialsystem V, Berlin on 4th of May 2007


A young woman passed away. The funeral mourners, family and friends assemble in different places of the city. Within the silence of the mourning memories of the young woman appear and consolidate the final farewell. With »história« Karsten Liske takes his protagonist Claudia de Serpa Soares to her home town Lisbon. »história« received the price for best film work at NapoliDanza Festival 2008, Naples / Italy.

EDIT Budapest, Hungary October 2010


DANCING IN THE DARK, Malmö, Sweden, Dansfilmfestival December 2009

IN SHADOW, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon, Portugal, November 2009

FILM SOCIETY LINCOLN CENTER, New York, USA, Dance on Camera Festival January 2009

FÁBRICA DE MOVIMENTOS, Porto, Portugal, Festival Videodanca November 2008

CINEMATHEK TEL AVIV, Israel, Vdance Festival June 2008

NAPOLIDANZA Festival, Napoli, Italy May 2008
TEATRO DI COMUNALE DI FERRARA, Ferrara, Italy December 2007

VIDEODANCE Athens, Athen, Greece May 2007

RADIALSYSTEM V, Berlin, Germany, Dance on screen Festival June 2007